My Eyelash Extensions Experience (UPDATE)

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In my last year's post about my eyelash extensions experience I showed you how I got an allergic reaction to 3D eyelashes. I'd been using extensions for about a 6 months, where nothing happened to my eyes, but after another 6 months break from wearing 3D lashes I got 2 times this huge allergic reaction, with red swollen and itchy eyes, which would fade away after a couple of days and eye drops. 

I was like, okay it happened 2 times, eyes are very important part of a human body, stop using and wearing them. 

After a year of not having lash extensions, I started to have this feeling that it's time to try them again. You know, I was a first girl which didn't have red eyes at all after the application and in a year I got an allergic reaction.. well, there was a chance for being THAT girl again (meaning - without any reaction to artificial eyelashes) so I took it. 

I was playing with that idea for about a week and I've decided to try it again, after a year. Well, the worst what could happen is to have red eyes, so what. I'll live through the first 3 days and it will be okay, I guessed.. 

Well, as you could guess - it was NOT OKAY. I made an appointment with the best lash studio in my city (Bratislava, Slovakia) and was really looking forward to have them again and look like a doll. I was laying down for about 2,5 hours and when I opened my eyes and got the really slightly red, so it was a relief for my eyelash expert and for me as well. She took a picture of my eyelashes for her portfolio and I was really happy with the results! I got a tip for applying the lashes a little bit further from the roots so we did it that way. 

I was really excited to not have to wake up an hour earlier and to look pretty 24/7.. 
I had to go to school to present my project which was about in an hour and when I got there my classmate asked me "Vanda, what happened to your eyes?" I just replied "Fake eyelashes" and didn't pay attention to the itchiness. I hoped it would go away in a few hours or a day. But I was wrong again. 

In a few hours it all got even worse, my eyes were really red, started being swollen and the eyelash part kind of hurt me when I touched it. I really hoped it would be okay when it's been a year. 
My boyfriend, friends and I went to the movies for this new Avengers movie and I was wearing sunglasses in a shopping mall because I looked like a junkie. No kidding. Everyone looked at me like I was high on something and it was not very pleasant. 
I bought really expensive eye drops to stop it from the worst and applied them 3 times. 

The next day it got better - a little bit - so I was really looking forward to being pretty again and being happy from looking awesome. But that night it turned to a nightmare. 

Sorry for the blurry photo, I couldn't have my eyes opened for more than 30 seconds

As you can probably see, my eyes are completely swollen and red and teary. Yes  - I woke up at about 3 AM with a really bad feeling. My eyes were tearing for about 5 hours straight and I couldn't stop it. From all of the tears I got a running nose and it was a hell of a night, let me tell you. 

My boyfriend checked my eyes and the right eye got worse than the left one. He told me I got really badly CORNEA area swollen. It was a feeling like you have something in your eye - a small eyelash or something tiny - but I got nothing, I just had the whole eye irritated from a fake eyelash. Clearly, my body tried to fight this "allien" in any way. 

Did you experience the same, anyone? 
I am really sad. It really helped me to look pretty. I was really looking forward to all of the prettiness and awesomeness, haha. But it turned out the way it supposed to. Unfortunately. 

I've read many articles about women who ended up at the hospital with not able to see. I was not able to see for 2 days, I could open my eyes just for 30 seconds. The lashes had to go down after 2 days and it was an immediate relief when I got them down. 

The whole process of removing them was not very pleasant either, but again, it was necessary. Now I look like a boy again (since I have short lashes without a curl) and had to buy a new mascara ( I'll to the review too, since I'm not very happy with the mascara, haha). 

I was not able to apply mascara or anything for a week because it was very touchy and swollen from time to time. But I apply eye drops every day and it's getting better. 

I don't think I'll be having 3D lashes again, in the future. But everyone needs his own experience. :) 

Let me know in the comments if anything similar happened to you, ladies. 

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  1. This is definitely not normal! It does however happen sometimes. Glue fumes entered your eye because either: the under-eye tape was lodged too high or your eyes were not completely shut during the procedure. It usually goes away within a day or 2. It is a glue sensitivity, for which you can ask the expert to use a different glue, for sensitive eyes.

    1. It could be also with the eye opening. I had issues to lie still, having my eyes closed for 2 hours...

  2. I had normal eyelash extensions done from December 2015 till end of March 2016, had no problems at all.
    Had 3 weeks break and wanted to try the new Russian (Minx) lashes.
    Gone to different salon 2 days ago on Monday. Lashes looked fabulous, I was so happy as we are going on holiday to New York this Friday. It would save me time in the morning.
    However yesterday afternoon cca 24 hrs after application, my eyelids started to be bit itchy and my eyes bit sore.
    I wear contact lenses so just got new pair thinking I was due to replace them anyway, but my eyes still felt tired and sore.
    Washed my eyelids before going to bed and then woke up at night as they felt hot, and itchy. My eyelids were swollen this morning, I have noticed that some lashes are actually glued to my eyelid.
    Tried to gently pry them of with cloth soaked in clean hot water, but some are still stuck.
    Even taken antihistamines 2 hrs ago thinking it might be allergy to the glue but don't see any help with swelling.
    Going back to the beautician after work and see what she says..
    I'm hoping it's due to lashes being glued to eyelid, hoping I don't have to remove them 2 days before holiday..
    What a nightmare.

  3. Just to update, my eyelids were getting more swollen next day, so had to have eye lashes removed day before my flight to New York, damn shame.. Not tried them since..

    1. Ooooh. I´m really sorry to hear Michaela :/
      I know the struggle. I was trying to bear the pain and itchiness about 2 days but then it got really bad and I couldn´t wait anymore. I wanted to have them to new job as a news reporter to look nice in front of the camera. But health is in the first place even though my heart shouted from sadness...
      I hope your eyes are okay now. I don´t recommend to try it again. I tried many times and had a break and that is the result :/

  4. When you get lashes, you should always make sure that you go to a certified and safety-aware lash technician...most of the time it's the application (lashes glued to the skin, lashes glued too close to the lash line, lashes not glued properly at the base, too much glue, lashes used are too heavy, etc.); sometimes it's the quality of the products - cheap glue with a lot of fumes is a big one...and cheap glues are much more prone to cause an allergic reaction than the higher-quality hypoallergenic ones, which is probably what happened to you at your original lash salon...but regardless, glue should NEVER touch the skin as it can increase the odds of obtaining an allergy - with the exception of those prone to allergies, where patch testing first would be wise); and other times, the person is just allergic, or obtained an allergy from previous applications...upon which, they can't get eyelash extensions or acrylic nails anymore ~ the allergic reaction to the glue just isn't worth it. Only in rare instances, such as yours, should you ask for a patch test BEFORE trying extensions again to make sure that it is the glue that you're allergic to, and not the application process as mentioned above. The technician will dab a bit of their glue on your arm, and wait 24-48h to see if there's a reaction; if there's a reaction, then you really shouldn't be getting eyelash extensions anymore. It's too bad that you didn't get the patch test first, but as your last experience was at a reputable lash salon, it's safe to say that you do currently have an allergy. At least now you know for future reference that you're crazy allergic to the glue.
    I've had the same thing happen to my nails for gel/shellac, and it sucks...but life goes on, and there are always alternatives (though they may not be as nice or as convenient). You should try eyelash lifting (bends lashes at the roots and lasts for a few months), or eyelash perming (curls them for a few months) for your dolled look; eyelash tinting could also be done in unison with the above if you need darker lashes as well. :)

    1. Thank you very much for your kind reply :) My saloon artist told me that if she is applying it after a year it probably gonna be okay and for first hour it was fine. Then it came and it was really painful.
      She applied them the closest to the rooth of my original lashes, probably on the lids too. She did it before when I started to get the fake lashes, she also told me that is the way it looks the best and most natural. :/

  5. After googling a ton about eye irritation after getting lash extensions, I came across the picture of your eyes. Mine look the exact same. I got them on Tuesday evening and they have hurt and been red ever since. The amount of eye drops I am using to help is probably not healthy either. I was thinking it was slight irritation but it is not getting better so I think I need to remove them. Did you go back to the salon or remove them yourself? I have seen both options online. Please let me know!

  6. I would definitely recommend going to the salon to have them removed. It is not easy job, had my full set removed and it took almost hour. Can't imagine trying it at home.

  7. I would definitely recommend going to the salon to have them removed. It is not easy job, had my full set removed and it took almost hour. Can't imagine trying it at home.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! :)
      Yes, the next day, after a very painfull night, I went back to salon and they got those lashes down. Also, it took about an hour, but the relief was immediate, thank God! :) :(

  8. Hi, I had a similar experience. I had been doing my lashes for about a year with the same beautician at the same place, using the same lash material and glue, then I had my first reaction i.e swollen eyes, this went away on its own after a few days, however when I went in for the fill 2 weeks later the reaction was worse i.e severely swollen eyes, redness, itchy etc.. so I got a cortezone inection from the Dr which provided immediate relief and the swelling went down and I did not have to remove the lashes. I then stopped for 2 years and tried them again and the very first time had the severe reaction and had to get an injection again (the injection provided relief and lashes didn't have to be removed).... not sure why I was ok doing these lashes for a year and then suddenly am now allergic :-(.

    1. Hello, I have been getting lash extensions since last May. I've used the same person , same place, same materials. And about 2 weeks ago, my right eye became red and my left eye slightly red. I have no idea what has caused this. I have anti-biotic drops but they don't seem to be helping which makes me think it's an allergy :( I'm very sad, but I don't understand why it would be bothering me now after all this time.
      I do know that I had some glue stuck to the top of my eyelid and when I tried to get it off, I woke up the next day with a swollen eye lid. But that got better, and then the redness started. I love my lashes.. I don't want to give them up... Is there any hope for me?

  9. i had individuals put on around 4 weeks ago, suddenly i got conjunctivitis, i thought it was a coincedence and thought nothing of it as i've had extensions many of times with no problems. So that cleared eventually although my eyes looked a mess! Had my infills last night and woke up today with pink eyes swelling and i couldnt breathe well and my nose is totally blocked with no snot (sorry) i've got a few hives too appeared on me. I dont want to give up my lashes but i've booked in this afternoon to have them off as when i couldnt breathe i thought i needed an ambulance. health comes first!

  10. Hey ladies, same over here. I was having lashes for over 2 years same lady, same lashes, same glue. Then I decided to give my lashes a break! Whhhhyyyy did I do this!! Wish I hadn’t.
    Every time I get lashes now same lady again they swell up, itchy & sore, puffy and red and can’t open them sometimes. But she put this medicine in the form of a gel/cream on my eyelids and lower all over straight after application and it stopped the reaction. Now she puts it on for me each time otherwise I have the same awful reaction. It’s called maxidex 1mg Dexamethasone . In a tube in the form of a cream not a pill. I’m gonna see if I can ask my doctor to prescribe me some as I notice sometimes it still feels a bit sore for a few days & this cream does wonders.

  11. Hello,
    Same here! Inhave been having lashes for 6 months and went last time abd had a slight reaction...then webt back for my infill on wednesday and 7 hours later i had a puffy upper lid... 24 hours later bith eyes are swollen and im in a panic.
    Awake at 3am wondering what the heck i should do??! Git ny doctors on speed dial for the morning.
    I am so cross with myself for going to get them put back on... i am not that vain but live the lashes look.
    Will update you tomorrow. So scared :-(

    1. Hi,

      Wondering what your outcome is/was? I recently got my lashes done (first time in 7 mos), and I woke up with swollen eyes, but the swelling went down in about 4-5 hrs. I did not have any other reactions, no pain, no itc I wanted to see if anyone has experienced this, and if they continued with the extensions or stopped.

      Thanks in advance!!

  12. Hi - I have had the same problem too, but one eye is significantly worse. I had them done yesterday morning at 10am and they were fine but I when I went to bed one of my eyelids was quite itchy in the fold of the eyelid. Woke up in the morning and it was swollen quite badly. Both eyelids are now itchy but the other one doesn’t look irritated. I have taken an oral histamine and have a steroid cream to put on the eyelids. I’ll see if it settles down.

    Has anyone had success taking an oral histamine prior to their appointment (rather than after)? I want to leave them in for now and wanted try the oral antihistamine on the day of my next appointment, and maybe take for a couple of days post application.

  13. I have taken antihistamine prior to my appointment as I had reaction year earlier and had to remove the lashes.

    Tried again year later, took antihistamines day before and day off application but it was no help, had same reaction again.
    Itchy lids, then hot overnight and swollen within 24hrs, had to have them removed again and I'm afraid that is me done with lashes, I just can't have them anymore.
    It's breaking my heart, seeing all the girls with lovely fluffy lashes, looking fab with hardly any effort :-(

  14. I had the same problem. I wore extensions for 4 months with no problem about 3 years ago. I went for my regular fill and my eyes felt itchy and the lid was slightly red and puffy. It went away in 24 hours, so I didn't think much of it. The next time I went for a fill, I had a SEVERE reaction within 24 hours of getting the extensions. Red, swollen, itchy eyes and eyelids. I had them removed, but had to wait until Monday as I got them on a Friday. My eyes were a mess. So no lashes for me for 3 years. Fast forward to now. Three weeks ago I decided to give it a try again with a very reputable tech. The first time I got the extenions, I fell in love all over again with having lashes. My eyes were slightly itchy within 6 hours, but after 48 hours the itchiness disappeared. So I went back yesterday (3 weeks later) for my fill. Within 3 hours they were red and itchy. Within 6 hours my eyelids were red, swollen and sore. Also very itchy. I was also stuffy and sneezing like crazy. I had taken a Benedryl before the fill and after the fill. It did not help. I had them removed this morning. I definitely love the convenience of having lashes and the time it saves, but I clearly cannot have them anymore as I am severely allergic. I did get relief when the eyelashes were removed, but it has been 3 hours since having them removed and they are still very swollen and sore. Not so itchy anymore. I am using cold compresses and staying on the anihistimine until the swelling goes down and i am not so stuffy.

  15. Hi, had 3D lash extensions 1 week ago. 5 days into it. Left eye lid started to be painful , and right eye lid very itchy. Decided to remove it myself.... obviously allergy reaction.

  16. Mine is the same. Did you remove the lashes?

  17. I took a break for about a year. Went back this week and they were gorgeous. Woke up the next morning and they were swollen, red and itchy. Made an appointment and had them removed. As I was checking the site I came across an article that read if it happened once, it will happen again. True statement!!!! I am done with the eyelashes. I will keep what God gave me and be content.

  18. Had mine done 4 days ago. First day was gorgeous.woke up the next morning and my eyes were swollen shut. Can still now only open them half way.looks like ive been crying all week. They are so sore and itchy. Will definately not be getting them again.😥