At Work, Uuurgh!

by - 12:10 PM

 Today morning was sooo exhausting! I work at the sushi and asian food delivery. Yeah, if you  like sushi you will be like "yees, nom nom sushi" or something...but trust me not....Especially not in mornings.. But when I want to buy iPhone 4S in January I gotta work as much as I can! :) What is my job about? I answer phones, print out orders, pack food into plastic bags (unfortunately) and smile at costumers. Sometimes I feel like in McDonalds:) But it is not so bad.  I have pretty good collegues and bosses, we have fun sometimes, delivery drivers are still in action.
When I started to work here, I did not know what is maki, nigiri and things like that. But now I think I know a lot about it, but I am still not perfect. When someone calls and he has not a clue what is what, but he thinks he knows everything and I correct him, he starts shout at me that he knows! And these things I have to listen to almost daily.
But they pay me for it, so I have to face it and be calm :D When people do not order, it is pretty boring. Then I check  the best site on the internet - and I laugh and I am glad that I am not the only one in this world who does different funny stuff. Then I check news, what is new and then I search on google things once I would love to have, but financially it is far far away! 
               Birkin Bag!! 
Who does not want Birking bag?? I want so many bags! But why are they so expensive? Yes, I know there is  and other websites when you can find cheap fakes, sometimes they look very similar to the original and they are more expensive, but is not the original! :) It is like when you look around and every second girl cares around a fake LV handbag! Sad but truth. Fashion influences us so bad that every girl wants a LV bag or other bag - especially when you are watching Gossip Girl!

Ok, lunch break! I am done for this blog today..Nothing special, but at least something. 
Bye and think about your New Year Resolutions!

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