Let Me Introduce Myself

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 Yeah, Cliché! What is so important about me that you should know? I love writing, and I haven't been blogging lately, so this is my premiere after a long time! I'm 20 years old, but next February I'll be 21 so.. not big deal either :) I am from Slovakia, which is a state in the central Europe, and I am from the capital city - Bratislava.
It is a little, cute, annoying city, full of british tourists and a good beer :) From here it takes an hour to Vienna, which is well-known for its fashion shopping streets and an old architecture, and about 3 hours to Prague, the capital in the Czech Republic and 4 hours to Budapest,Hungary. So Bratislava is a great location, but even though I would prefer living in Austria or America. Yeah, I'm "humble". But I'm pretty thankful for where I am.:) I'd been attending a bilingual high school with an american English and now I attend the university of media, pretty cool school with cameras, microphones, final cut, everything:) So be aware, once I will become a host or something cool like that, haha. :D  

              Bratislava Castle

I want this my blog or how we call it, to be about everything what I like and maybe you will find yourself in my stuff, too. I love fashion, even though I don't know everything about it, I love people who can wear different things and I also admire people who are not rich or anything but they know what to wear from things they have, maybe old clothes, but still good-looking. I love love fashion, but Im not one of those groups of girls or women who come from a rich family, or they have a well-paid job. I'm a student, so I can't afford everything what I like when I'm window-shopping :) The next hobby of mine is definitely HOME DESIGN! I love it. I took a home design course either! But these courses are so expensive, that I just took the first of 3 parts of it, but that what I love to do. It started when I was a small girl and I walked in to IKEA for the first time :) I love taking pictures, one friend, she used to be my best friend, we always took crazy pictures and videos of us, so maybe you will see and find something like that here. 
     Keep up! :) 
     Have a nice "two-evenings-before-new-years-eve-evening"


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