New Year, Here I Come!

by - 2:22 PM

 So this is it. Today it ends. Another year of my life. And of yours of course:) But.. I have a feeling that every year when I decide to have resolutions and fulfill them, I never do. And that is sad. So..this is my list of resolutions for year 2012!
  1. To fulfill my resolutions!
  2. To be calm and stop bitching,when a bad or a stressed situation comes
  3. To workout DAILY! At least for 25 minutes! Daily, daily, daily!
  4. To work on my stronger will! 
  5. To study more!
  6. To eat healthier and care more about myself! To accept myself as I am, and stop complaining about my appearance, character, job, etc.!!!
  7. To act normal, not crazy, or upset!
  8. To spare money, not only till getting iPhone but even after :D 
  9. To appreciate "things" (including people around me) more, things which I already have or which I will get in year 2012
  10. And the most important resolution- not to be lazy! Because my laziness is that what slows me down, therefore I am not able to do anything from things above! 

So... Cross fingers for me! :D I..Have to have strong will and not be lazy this year! It's now or never! 

And ..what are your resolutions? 

Happy New Year 2012! Gotta get ready for a party tonight! :)) Don't drink too much! 

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