Ohh, really?

by - 12:50 PM

 It's been like 30 days since the New Year, really? And what about my resolutions? Nothing! I eat what I want, I am still pretty lazy, I do not study at all
(at least my finals are over). So, when will I have this strong will to do anything in this world? I am pretty demotivated and I also wanted to write daily blogs (Like Jenna in Awkward. which I started watching recently, and despite the fact I am almost-21 and she is just 16 I really love it and I can find myself in her- maybe because she has MacBook and iPhone like me :D )
 Honestly? I want money! I really try to get money to afford what I want. And.. It was my 2nd anniversary with my love, on the 10th this month, when I bought my iPhone 4S! So I spent my hard-earned 400 euros for this device.. And first days I was like: "Is this iPhone really mine? Really?" And now I really enjoy that. I have also blocked iTunes account because I owe them 2 euros for downloading paid apps. Evil me!
 I really want to begin the new era of my life. I also got cut my hair (you would not recognize the difference). I really want to get some responds and comments on this blog, so I can see that when I write it I write it for somebody, you know? 
 I am really thinking about buying a book Happiness project..But guess what! I have no money, at all! I swear! Since I bought my iPhone like 20 days ago, I really have nothing to eat, because my payday is coming next 10th. So here I am with full of ideas what I want for my and boyfriend's flat, I want a puppy or something to take care of ( I have this "mummy feeling"  last days) I want new clothes, especially now when the shopping centers are full of sales! I want something new in my room, I want new shoes (so bad!), a new job (or a better paid this one!)...
 And when someone comes to me and starts brag and show off "Look what I have" and " Look what I got, I had only 1000 euros" ...Only...Only?? Only 1000? Ohh,Really? You know where you can put that sh*t.. I really don't have to listen to this stuff.. 

And with this blog I really break my 2nd and 6th resolution for this year..and wrote down like thousands of "really".. So dear readers, go ahead and BREAK ALL THE RESOLUTIONS!! And then I took an arrow to the knee.. 

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