What to do next with my room??

by - 8:58 PM

After so much waiting (yeah I turn 21 next month) I got my own room!! Isn't it exciting?? Probably for you not because you have yours like forever.. But I lived in a small dark room with my sister and before with my older brother. So, you can imagine.

The worst was that room was like a hall for my family members. Anyone can go through if it is necessary, for intense, my brother had a room behind our room so, when he wanted to go to the kitchen he went through our room, or when whoever wanted to go to the bathroom, again through our room. So in the middle of room was nothing so that everyone can go everywhere. It was horrible. I couldn't change clothes, or exercise, or dance, or sing without being watched by someone who is passing by through our room. And I lived that like 14 years. And my sister and I had a bunk bed. And I was sleeping up. So when my friends or boyfriends came we had no space to lie on or sit on. So I never had many visitors.  
 So as you can see, I am really happy I have my own space. Yes, I live with my boyfriend in his apartment too, but it is great to have your own place :) when I can escape, or hide..I do not have curtains on my windows yet, so I have to still hide when I change, but still. 
 Sometimes I feel lonely here, mainly after much time spent with my boy and suddenly here alone. 
 I chose white color because I love white things especially furniture :) But I have white walls, so some say it looks like hospital and other say it looks like hotel. I want it white and colorful at the same time. Like polka dots, cute curtains and bed sheets. :) 

This is how it looks like. I want more things, some shelves, above the head of the bed I want many pictures in frames and stuff like that.
Enjoy your day and clean up your room :) You will find great stuff :)

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