Here we go!

by - 7:26 PM

It is so cold outside that I rather sit at home no.1 or no.2 ( no.1 is at my boyfriend's and no.2 is at home like home home) and I constantly break all my New Year's Resolutions! I am still pretty demotivated because of the lack of money, so I decided to find a new job! One of my classmates (I've never spoken with him) offered to take a chance to send my CV to one

Thai Massage SPA company. So, since I'm working at Sushi delivery company, I said to myself : "Not biggy, I'm going this asian direction" - I also said that today at the job interview- and I sent my CV with a picture to a young manager (female) and the very next day I received a call from her to make a job interview. I was like ok, here we go.I do not know why I'm like looking for another job, when I already have one, but there is still a chance to be better paid. Now I have a feeling that it is ok to have two jobs and it is so probably because I have a free time at school now, but when I get back to school routine I do not think that I will have so much time to divide between two jobs and the school. But..whatever..I will see. So today I got this job interview, outside is like very cold weather -12 °C and I held my iPhone in my freaking freezing hand to see my GPS!! And I found it. 
A very nice and good-looking lady opened the door and I felt like with my BFF. She loves sushi from the company I work at, so it was all about my current job, then I had speak in English about my school and why I want to get this job, and then she stopped speaking and we were chatting like old good friends. 
I have a very good feeling about this, so good, that I have bad thoughts in my mind, about "if it is so good and perfect, something bad has to happened, right?" and stuff like that.
So she told me the she will call next week to inform me about getting this job. And I do not know if I want that or not. But I met couple of my classmates and they look like they want to take that job. So if I get this job, I would feel bad for them, but I would be happy that someone like me so much to hire me. 
So... here I am.. bored.. and fat... Pitting myself but not doing a damn thing to change my fat body. Why am I so lazy? Am I retarded? Hell yeah..

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