A Dream Job?

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  Whazzuup guys! Wow! It's been a while! I have a feeling that it was like ages for me.. I am really sad that no one reads these things, it is probably because I do not have a colorful pages full of nice pictures and funny business, but I am not so good at programming or something :D Whatever.
  Since march many days and months passed. Now we have the summer time. My summer is not so great as I thought
 ( honestly, I didn't think about my summer at all, I just knew I would spend it with my BF and at work, but things changed). It is more about being lazy and wanting to do something, but not having an idea what it should be.
 Ok, so, for instance I visited only Prague with my boyfriend. Yes, Prague is like 4 hours from my country, the capital of Czech Republic and it is very beautiful. It was about for the 8th time for me being there, but still is very powerful and breathtaking :) We were at 4* hotel and it was quite an experience! :) I miss that!
  But from that ( it was at the beginning of July) I haven't been anywhere. I miss my job also. Altough I was pretty nervous and hated being there, now when I skipped 3 weeks of it I feel like no one. I had to take shift today.
  I started an internship in one television (something like CNN but in Slovakia :D..since I study media).Yeah, it was my first day there and it was a little bit boring, I must admit. But I hope it gets better. Everything was so new and even though I study media and know how to work with cameras, mikes, final cut etc, I was still surprised today how it looks while making fresh news for people! But I realize I want to do something great in my life!
  I want to do so many jobs!!
  What's my dream job?
  I want to become : a professional host

                     a hollywood actress ( so "humble" :D )

                     a journalist in some american magazine

                     a hotel manager -picture :(
                     an owner of pet center (to help to abandoned animals)          
                     to have a little corner desk with iMac, tons of highlighters, sticky colorful notes, pens, papers, pictures of family and friends everywhere...<3 (so probably some assistant or office manager or something :D )

So that's it and my dream jobs! :D What are yours? Or do you have your dream job already?? :) Give me some tips!

See ya!

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