How To Be a Better Receptionist? How, ha?

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Hey guys,  I´m having a "afternoon shift" today (from 12.30pm-9pm) and since I can´t be on Facebook or other pages( because as I mentioned in my latest post, behind me is a wall made out of mirror and the wall of this building are pure glass and everyone can see-through or can see a reflection of my monitor behind my back and I have to be very representative because we are very important company :D ) I just have a need to write this.


The reason why I am googling "how to be a better receptionist" is because Im working here around 2  months (next week it will be 2 months, wow, how that happened?? ) and I am in trouble. But beforehand, this is like the first time I have a full-time job and PLUS I´m attending daily classes at my university - media communication (and many I have missed because of this job :( ) But I took it as a very good start for my career, in fact, any career.
We are also something like  "post office" so we are also accepting mails from outside the company and from co-worker etc. The last week I was called to see my supervisors. I thought that must be some basic routine (although we have like 3-month test period in which they can you kick you out without saying a reason etc and usually the "supervisor talk" is after those three months..)
So I was like okay. Then I was sitting there listening to things like " you ARE TOO FRIENDLY, STOP THE SMALL TALK WITH CLIENTS" etc... I was like collegues do the same, but ok I am here new they are here like forever... Then also came " try to be busy, make "busy work" because we can see you doing nothing very often " a that is bullshit because here on the MAIN RECEPTION = right behind the entrance to the building, so in winter is here like minus million degrees and noone gives a.... IS four of us! and when they do some daily-basis things I just sit and wait for some guests to guide or answering emails and it is pretty natural that I just "sit there doing nothing" but okay..
But then they said the reason why I was called there in the first place. It was because reputedly I lost some envelope in which was bigger amount of money! WHAT? That the man gave the envelope to me and he described it like " two girls sat in the front, one was calling and the other one was talking to clients I went back and there was the third one eating, so I gave it to THE NEW ONE! (yeah, that´s me)- he even doesnt know my name!But he accused me of such a thing! .... and they said I lost it (it should have been sent to another city), but they found it in another  place in that tiny room.  Then they told me that since I am a trainee they could kick me out without telling me a reason but THEY SO WANT ME THAT THEY GIVE ME 2 WEEKS WITHIN I can show them HOW MUCH I WANT THIS JOB.......
I was crying (after the meeting, in the bathroom) I was stressed. I dont remember that situation with envelope, in fact, no one does from my collegues. 
So that is a current situation with me as a receptionist. I love paper work, I love office work, I hate pretending something I am not  - like NOT A FRIENDLY PERSON WITH BIG SMILE AND SMALL TALK, but hell yeah I can be representative.
On one side I am hoping they will kick me out so I can focus on my studies because I am "slightly" behind every lecture and course but on the other hand I really want to keep this work, at least half a year because of my CV...
Girls here are telling me to run away because I have very good english  (I dont know if I have :D ) skills and here in small country like Slovakia is the number one skill in finding a good job.
I will see...No I have two weeks to work my ass off to show them how much I want this (do I?) and also study hard for midterm exams and catching up a looot of school work..

Wish me luck!

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