I´m looking for a BFF! Anyone?

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Olsen sisters, Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl (even though I am not a big fan of them), Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria from the Pretty Little Liars series,Desperate Housewives, etc. What they got in common? (except money, fame and other pointless things :D ) => They are Best Friends Forever. In some of these cases it is not always so great, but at least they can rely on each other in every situation.
My question is : Would you be my BFF?

I have never had a perfect soulmate (I mean girl because my boyfriend is the best, no doubts, but in this case I mean a girl BFF). Someone I can talk to in every hour of every part of the day (or texting messages, sending pictures). Someone who would listen to me without saying " I don´t have time for your bullshit" . Someone who would love me the way I am: the crazy, voicechanging, always scared, hypochondric, always laughing or with the worst mood, loving animals so much, imagining life with many careers and activities, loving office stuff (stickies etc), admiring skilled people and so on...
Someone who would tell me the truth - about me, about my situation, about my weight, about my wardrobe (like typical situation at mall :"Of course you can wear that and if you like it then take it" I would rather hear a true opinion like " you have one fat ass, lady and this dress is not working for you!"), about everything.

to have a best girlfriend, but the right one, is freaking important!

Someone who would encourage me to try (new) things, to show me things differently.
Someone who would yell at me when she is mad at me, and not only pretending like :" you are great as you are, Vanda. I love you.." Bullshit! I am not great and I am aware of that! I am a big mouth so that is the way I expect things be like...from you When I have a big ass tell me! When I am annoying tell me! why boys BFF can do that? They can tell each other  " You are a**hole! Do this like that! " And not like girl BFF : "oooh, sweetie, you two sure will come back together!" No!

Many girls do not like me just because of this fact -That I say what I think like : " You are fat!" or "I do not like your hair this way, I think long hair is not the best option for everyone, it does not fit you! Being you, I would cut it" and they are all like " Oh, Vanda you are so mean, we are not BFF anymore"
What are we 12? Dreaming about the best soulmate, imagining someone from the "MEAN GIRLS" as the best option?

No.. I am far than that. I want a girlfriend (in like a soulmate kind of way, of course ) who would tell me the truth. Who would stand for me when everyone would hate me or despise me!
And when she would tell me " Vanda, I will be there for sure, I promise" then she will be there as she promised.. Or when we would decide to do something like going to the gym 3 times a week, or playing beach voleyball, or watching movies, going to the cinema, going swimming, dancing at home in front of the mirror, taking pictures of ourselves in crazy-fashion outfits and many more, she would do that ! She would kick me out of bed and convince me!!

Someone who would like my boyfriend (like a friend!!!! :D ) and his friends who are also mine, and she would not mind them around, and she would  make activities or plans with them...(with me there, ofc! :D )
Someone who would respect my schedule and who would be flexible... and when we make plans she would do her best to keep her word..
Someone who would be very happy to have a sleepover in my house..to laugh at movies, eating tons of popcorn and criticizing outfits of celebrities or their hair...Someone who I can share my skills to, but also she would teach me to some new things.
Someone who would shout at me" Hey, lazy ass, common!" or I can call her out whenever and talk me out...

Someone who I can open to in a girl way, with everything which it is associated with.
Someone who would do things for me at least as much as I would do for her :)
Someone who I could go for an adventure with or trips from time to time...
Someone funny...Because I can be very funny and also use a one good laugh :)
Someone I can rely on! In everything. Who would support me by words or actions.
Someone who would know everything about me and still loving me.
Someone who would find at least 30 - 60 minutes two times a week ONLY FOR ME! for a little brunch, lunch or dinner of a cake with coffee just to see how I am doing and what is up. Without stupid excuses all the time! If I can skip school why you can´t? If I can make it why you can´t???

I just have a strong feeling that I am surrounded by coward friends or fake friends who are not willing to sucrifice time for me or being here/there for me...  :(

So... are you even exist??
From me you can expect everything from above.

or am I going to be forever friendless?
or do I even need someone like this? Probably yes..Hell yes..I want someone who I can share my life and stories with. Someone I can invite to my wedding as my Best Bridesmaid. Someone who I can call to for advice with my children or baking a birthday cake or any recipe actually...


Yes...so are you there, my Best Friend?

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