Neverending Work or Dream Come True?

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Recently, I got a really good job offer. Nothing special, ya know. But for me it was pretty special. Let me tell you.
In my last work I was "a girl for everything", so as you know I was like cleaning, preparing deliveries and answering phone and running from one side of the building to the another, and so on. The collegues were not  so great, especially couple of them, so I invite some friends to work with me there and then....There was no more space for me. To breathe, to be better because I was already making things better then everyone there and they did not even notice that or appreciate it.
But as a part-time job it was a very good school for me in the way like what to expect.from myself, from others, from work and from life..
So the last two months of my journey in that job

 ( I spent there 1,5 year) passed very fast (believe me, very, very fast! ). And suddenly I "smelled the chance". I was going through those amazing web pages with - tons - and - tons - of - offers - for - job - when - you - feel - like you - have - no - skills - for - breathing -  let - alone - for - job  kind of pages and so I decided to send my CV to some places, just for fun.. that maybe it will be good.
Aaaand I was not so wrong either!
And then I remember like sitting in a meeting room with plenty of other girls (yound ladies) and here I am with a T-shirt and some snow-shoes and they are like all perfect, with amazing hair, nailed nails, perfect from H-2-T and me.. An hour ago I was like, no I am not going, I do not need a job, I want to concentrate on my schoolwork, I am certain that I won´t be chosen. Aaand so I was wrong again!
I went as the last one, nailed the conversation and a little skit. The next thing I remember they sent me waiting outside the meeting room for the verdict and I was like: " Yeah, they are going to hire me, otherwise I will be sent home with blablablablablabla "we will send you an email announcing this and that blablabla" thing.  I got aa loot going in my head. If they hire me what am I going to do with my school attendance and if they don´t hire me why am I here standing alone, watching them arguing? (Yeah, there is like glass everywhere litteraly, no walls as we know it). So they were impressed and wanted me right away, ASAP.
I was in the middle of my exams at the school and this is not part-time-(fun)-job anymore, this is like a serious job. Eight and half hours daily ( the half is not paid, it is for my lunch) and doing different things.
Let me explain shortly what is the company about. In my country it is the biggest company, with the (second) biggest influence on everything what is going on in my country. Also, there are many reasons why people hate this company ( especially elder people).  And I am lets say a receptionist. Not biggy! One of 14 others!
But I was sooo ipmressed. My duties are like shipping the mail, receive it and/or send it, calling to "CEOs and CFOs" that they have visitors, picking up lunch for other people, sitting and be representative, ushering "the best clients" etc. So as you can say very traditional things in the way of being a receptionist.
And the first week I was like "Ooh that is sooo not like my last job, I so love this" .
After two weeks I have not seen  my family, my boyfriend, I did not have time (or energy) to shower because one simple fact. I am also "the daily student " which is at our UNI from monday to friday!! So I have two options. The first, wake up at 5.30 AM to go to work til 3.30 PM and then head to school ASAP where I am till like 8 PM (in the good case) or waking up at 7.30 going to school at 8.30 and then run to work where I am from 12.30 PM - 9 PM ! I really cherish and appreaciate every second of relaxation, watching tv, playing games, hanging out with my BF or friends and visiting my family which has feeling that I do not longer exist in their lives because I arrive usually around 10 PM every night (if..)
So ...
Now is the case that I am writing this, sitting alone in the biiig glassy object when every rider or a pedestrian can watch if I eat, if I write texts or I am blogging....
I have always wanted this kind of job and now I am hoping (yeah, after almost two months working here, why not) that I want to get another (better) position (in this company). I am tired (and sick today). I like it here very much, and also my new collegues are not as those in the past work, I am very satisfied.
and now I have bad sore throat and want to go home to hug my BF and kitty... soo much. :(

Hope you have very good day, you are not sick and you are very satisfied with your job. Because if you are not, then leave! Leave sooner than later!

See ya!

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