7 Weird Random Facts about Me

by - 5:28 PM

I am weird..I mean really weird..
But the question is, who is normal? According to who is my behavior weird?
I just feel inside that I am not like others!
I mean, I am not a psycho or anything I just have a feeling that I am special... special weird normal?

1.) I can´t concentrate when I get home and there is mess around me, i have to clean it up right away and mumble about how everytime I have to do that.. 
2.) I love BBQ or some chill gathering but when I´m with many people all day, I have to run away for few minutes to be alone because I get annoyed by them
3.) I wave and say hello to animals on the street, or places I like or visit often
4.) I touch my bruises (if I have some) to feel the bruise pain sometimes.. that is totally creepy :D
5.) I can be really mean when I am not in the mood or have PMS or something..like to exaggarate things or to say mean words to someone´s face which I would not normally say.. I get angry for nothing...and the world seems so unfair and against me.. Then this mood goes away and suddenly I see everything different.. Is this kind of schizofrenic?
6.)  I like raining but when I am inside in some cozy clothes and watching tv or playing PS3 or Xbox or something like that. Or while falling asleep and listening to rain drops but I hate raining when I am outside!
7.) I love my iPhone! I would not trade it for the world! I go with my iPhone to washroom, to the cinema, to bed...Maniac!

What about you? What is your secret weird thing about you? 
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