DIY Ombré (s)Hit !

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Hey pals gals,
today I'm gonna write about how I "did to myself" ombre/gradient effect on my hair :)
I chose to do it this hairstyle because I had never dyed my hair before so I was scared to color my hair completely, so when I found this hairstyle which requires to apply peroxide just on the ends of my hair I've decided to do it :)

It's been a while since this hit started around the world and I was one of the first who got this hairstyle in my city. Everyone around me was like why are you half blonde and half brunette and so on, and SUDDENLY everyone has it, so about 3 months ago I made it disappear and got back to my dark-brown hair... Because Slovakia woke up and every other girl got ombre now...:D

I think when it comes to change of hair-color it requires a lot of courage, but it will work eventually so don't hesitate, follow my rules or tips and tricks and let's do it!

1.) You can find so many tutorials how to do it at home. I think it is important to believe in yourself and not listening people around you who tries to stop ya! Do it girl (or boy, doesn't matter ;) )

2.) Visit your local drugstore. Find blonde HIGHLIGHTING COLOR -> this is the key! Do not buy blonde shampoo or anything else, find anything with a model with blonde hair and the word highlight on the cover! :)

3.) Buy it and be happy, it will cost around 4 euros ( I do not know how much in dollars) but is approx. the same price ( less than at hair saloon, trust me!) Run home and let's start!

4.) Open the box and read carefully what is inside!  I was scared, but I said to myself that is just the ends/tips  of my hair so it's not gonna be such a damage!

these I couldn't get before, now they are everywhere!!
5.) As my first highlighting kit I used Palette from Schwarzkopf.. There are plenty of Ombre color now  made particularly for DIY Ombre effect, but when I was looking for one of those they was not on our slovak market... And also there was not any of those which were recommended by Youtube gurus from US or England.. So I had to improvise.
I do not recall if it is this one which I got
because it was about 8 months ago..0:-)
but really similar

6.)  For the first time my boyfriend helped me! It is very important to have an assistant when you are doing it for the first time so he checks that everything is okay and when you are nervous about everything he is there to guide you through. So I applied this Palette highlighting kit thing on my tips. It is recommended to put bigger amount of it especially on ends of your hair because that is the place where you want it to be the lightest! ( yeah if you do not know that is the purpose of ombre - going from the darkest to the lightest shades)  I let it on my WET hair about an hour... and nothing really happened! That is probably because I applied it on wet hair - so remember  DO NOT APPLY IT ON WET HAIR BUT NORMAL DRY HAIR BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE! So I had to dry it and repeat this.. After 2 times doing - together about another hour - I got slightly different ends..

this is how it looked like..:) It's like caramel effect :P 

7.) I got wiser after doing it on my wet hair and waiting 2 hours for almost nothing, so I bought GARNIER COLOR SENSATION - highlighting blonde color cream!!
this one works great! I recommend! :)
And that one worked like a charm :) I applied it on DRY hair this time ( we are learning from our own mistakes) and I was brave enough to do it by myself completely (= without a helping hand from my BF <3 ).. Again I mixed all things together according to the tips written inside, and again I applied the most color mix on my ends because I want them to be the lightest....  I let it on my hair around 30 minutes then I washed it off and dried my hair. 

I really like it :) from the darkest to the lightest

Hair on Fire!! At some party-sorry for my hand:D

It washes off a little while washing your hair so do not panic if it is blonder than you wished... 

So again - tips to remember : 

1.) Buy a product with a blonde girl on it, with words HIGHLIGHT 
2.) Read very good what is written inside, use only those tools which are in the package
3.) Prepare a space for doing it 
4.) Prepare an old towel to cover your shoulders, old clothes, a mirror, a friend maybe if you are afraid of doing it by yourself (but it is DIY duuh :) )
5.) Wear gloves! They should be inside the package
6.) For good results is necessary to repeat coloring about 3 times! :) But don't do it on the same day, your hair needs rest! Do it max. 2 times a week!
7.) Put most of the product on the tips of your hair.. Start applying it around the ear area.. You can slightly apply also on side-bangs for better looking 
8.)  Leave it the maximum time recommended! These colors are not healthy to keep it longer. Check from time to time while coloring, if is your haircolor changing. Do not cover anything on your hair! 
9.) Colored hair, especially highlighted requires special treatment! Start using more balsams and things to protect your hair from damaging. 
10.) If you are not satisfied with the results you can anytime change your color back!-->

I changed back my hair color using Palette 3-0 DARK BROWN hair color! I just guessed which is similar to my own hair color and it worked!  :) Again I just applied the brown color on my ombre ends and let it there for about 12 minutes (recommended 35 min but you do not need so much time when you have blonde hair already!) and voila I got the same hair color as my hair roots are and no one spotted any difference :) 

So do not be afraid! You just need around 10 euros/dollars, bathroom, an old towel and watches :)

Good luck! Let me know how it worked!

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