My First Tattoo Experience

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Petra's first tattoo (on left) mine first tattoo
We wore the same bracelets that day by accident :D 

I don't know if is a good subject to write about, but I would like to "talk" about my first tattoo experience.

It was one nice day (19th April 2013) and I had an interview for a new job position.  There told me that my meeting got postponed. I was like " Yeah okay, what am I gonna do with my time?" Of course, I got a lecture to go to, but when it comes to school attending I always choose the option - " Why should I go there, I already missed a lot of classes" :D 

Sitting in McDonald's place at 9 AM, drinking my latte (which was not so fabulous) I was googling and tumblring (if that is a word) some tattoo ideas. Initially, I was going for a simple tattoo with birds. 

Ooooh, me likey

When I saw those pictures, my heart started screaming "Vanda, get one of those NOW" and I answered  "Ok, why not".  I texted my boyfriend "Hey, I am getting a tattoo like today, now" and he answered " :) okay" and when my BF approves it means everything can happen ! :) 

In the mean time I was texting (whatsapping) also with my very very very good friend Petra ( ex BFF I would say, but when I am with her it is like she is my BFF "again", we grew up together, we know everything about each other, etc. ). 

ME: Hey, what are you up today?
HER: Why?
ME: I'm gettin freakin tattoo today!
HER: Awesome! When?
ME: Probably now, I got nothing else to do
HER: Alrighty! Im heading to work so maybe we can meet before and I can go with you!
ME: Yeeeees that would be nice!
HER: blablabla

(note: our conversation was not like that at all :D ) 

So we met! Then she didn't go to work. She stayed with me. (and when she skips work it means something!) We visited in manny tattoo places. In the first one I got a phone number to one tattoo person who would be able to tattoo those birds. So I called him and we made a deal to meet around May. 

Yes and that never happened ( its June already). I was so eager to get my first tattoo that day no matter what!
 My friend Petra already got one, so we went shopping new clothes :D and I decided TODAY IS THE DAY! and nothing can stop me. I want a small finger tattoo at least!(Something like Rihanna got) So we ran through the whole city looking for someone who would be able to take me that right away. How we were going, Petra started to think she might be getting some tattoo also. 

We ended in the tattoo saloon where Petra got her first tattoo on her left wrist saying "wings". We were waiting outside because there was a note on the door with "be right back"...standing there around 30 minutes. Eventually they showed up. 

We told them we want tattoo so much and if they have some time. They said " No problem" and I was like " Oh man! It is happening now! Real Time! Crap!" I started panicking a little. 

I knew I want a word live or love on one of my fingers. Those are the words which mean everything for the whole life (So it is not like to get tattoo with Bieber on or something :D)  The tattoo man said he was not doing anything on my finger that fingers are very bad places for getting tattoo, it vanishes, ruins the structure etc. 

I wanted something like this!

 scared and excited and everything :) 

So I knew it would be probably going on my wrist. But I could not decide whether it is gonna be live, love or what.  We knew that definitely we switch our handwritings, so I wrote her words and she wrote mine. We spent about one hour just writing random words on paper. Then I decided I want to have all three words Live Love Laugh (Yeah just like the title of my blog!)  and she got only two of them : Love Laugh

She went first and then ..I was very scared if it hurts and stuff. I held Petra's hand during the procedure. 

It was exciting and painful at the same time. :) But it was all worthy. It is something which will guide me through rough times, nice moments and my whole life. I have it on visible place on purpose, to keep it on my sight. 

I did not tell my boyfriend Im getting something else, he thought I was going to get those birds in May, so it was a surprise for him too.  My parents thought I drew it on my hand with a black pen :D So when they saw I was having it still there, they got a clue.... :) But they accepted it better that I expected..

Right after ! It hurt like when bees sting..Ouch!

And as they say - when you got one, you want more :) And that is true. I am definitely going to get another tattoo, but I need to find what it's gonna be at first ... cause you know, it lasts forever ;)

And that is my tattoo story:) What is yours? Are you going to get one? Do you have one? 

Have a wonderful day a get some tattoo!!!

Petra's tattoo - my handwriting :)
Our tattoos! We got each other
on our bodies 4ever :)

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