Does Karma Really Exist?

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You know, in everyone's life it comes to the point when a person just exhales and tells "Oh yeah, that must be karma!" But here comes the tricky part - does karma really exist? 
I don't want to interfere with some religious people, don't get me wrong. I believe in that too. Especially after what happened the past few weeks to my family...

 According to Wikipedia, karma is the concept of "action" or "deed", understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect. It is originated in Ancient India, but many religions "took over " this concept, like buddhism, Sikhism, etc. SO, basically it is about "what goes around, comes around", or if you make some bad decisions in your life, eventually it will come back to get you OR if you are a good person, making good decisions and doing good deeds, only good will happen to you as a reward. 

So in my family just happened something, I do not know how to call it.  We are a typical family. Two parents, three siblings. We yell at each other from time to time. My dad is the best person in the entire world and he tries his best to provide the best for our family. 

And suddenly, here come those weird situations in which we happened to be in past few weeks... To give you the best idea, we got three houses. Two of them are in one place, one we lived in altogether for around 20 years (of my existence and even before that) and the second one, bought and remade two years ago to become "sibling house" for my younger sister, older brother and me. So we were happy that this happened, so it is like a generation house, one house only for my parents and "together time" and the second just for us - siblings. Very close next to each other, looking just like one long house. 
The second house my father got built in 2006. His initial idea was to move there to live there forever. It is in a cozy neighborhood, 20 minutes from the capital by a car, with some nice neighbors and the ranch my father partially owned. But here come the turn of events - right after it was built and almost ready for us to move in, my mother decided not to move there because of difficult commuting to the city, because of no big grocery stores nearby and because of the fact there are no woods around the house.. So, the decision was made and my father decided to put that house on the land agency market and to sell it.  After seven years and leveling the price about 100 000 euros down from its original price, no one wanted to buy it. But it is a great spot for a teenager birthday parties or runaway for my dad who escapes here every time he quarrels with my mother. 

  • So in September, my dad found out that in this house we have some roof issues. So he stayed over there for about a month to fix everything and he started to clean the house, to make it comfortable and cozy and to finish everything he started and wanted there for ages. 
  • Then in October/November, my mum got sick. She got something with heart, my dad had to come pick her up, she was sitting on the bench, with 190 BPM and so on. She recovered (she is sixty years old) but everyone was sad and scared. 
  • Then in November, I was sitting in my bedroom, suddenly my dad came to my room and he has this "genius" treat that he announces the news with "a funeral look" on his face. So he knocked and said : " Your sister is on her way to the hospital, she got her elbow out of joint, in her gymnastics class" And I was what? WHAT THE HELL? What else will happen to us? So it was like 9 PM, so we took coats and headed to the hospital and we came there, my lil' sis sitting on the wheel chair with her hand in a weird position, crying and laughing at the same time (probably it was because of the adrenaline and pain and other shit). Believe me, that was something. 
  • A week later, my father and I were sitting in a living room, having pretty good time and in a good mood, when again - suddenly -  my dad got a phone call. He was like " WHAT? #$@$#&* &*$$# &&*##$" (explicit) and he started getting pale... he got heart problems so I got worried. And then he said " She said that someone robbed our house!" He was talking about the property outside the city, the big house in a nice neighborhood. And I was like WHAT? Because my dad planned going there like in two days to live there again for a while. was pretty messed-up situation! We got there -there was criminal police (aka CSI, just kiddin', but something like that) and they were taking fingerprints and pictures of the house which was one mess! A month before Christmas Day! IT WAS HORRIBLE. 
  • A week later, I was calling my mom, but couldn't reach her, so I was calling with my sister and  she was like " yeah our house was almost on fire, the firemen and the first aid were here, in case" And I was like WHAT THE FUCK? That must be karma! But what did we do to deserve this? 
I don't know. For me there is no other explanation, that this waited for us for a long time and suddenly happened in a row to teach us something or I do not know. My boyfriend says it is not KARMA but just bad situations and that we are not watchful and take everything for granted. With which I agree with in some points.  But although, this gives me question if really does karma exists. Because I have a strong feeling that it does! 

Do you have any experience with karma? Or do you think it is just some superstition? Leave a comment :) 

Have a nice day and cross fingers for my family for no more "karma situations" happening! :(

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