How To Help To A Helpless Person?

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 I must admit, writing this post is a little bit awkward for me. I have a brother and I've been trying to help him since ever and every time I tried, I failed. 
Therefore, my question is -  how to help a helpless person? Is there any way? Any chance? Will it , eventually, turn out? 

He turned 28, recently (December) and he still does not have a serious job. But he is not willing to get one either. He always waits for the best conditions and constellation of stars, he always runs away when the discussion is about him and his no-life and... I am just frustrated. 

Yeah, surprisingly, he got a girlfriend, the whole family accepts her, but she is not helping him either. She is happy when he takes her  in father's car and she is happy when she eats out of our fridge in the midnight ( because other people in this house do not sleep, of course...) and she does not push him... Maybe she does not see it because she is in love so much, but what do I know, right? 

So, basically, he has this beautiful room, full of new furniture (which my father bought him, obviously) and a laptop, old Nokia, which does not bother him (because he hasn't experience d advantages of having a smart phone) and that's it. He uses our wifi, he eats out of mum's fridge and she cooks for him (yes) and he uses our bathroom (i share with him) and he does not clean after himself. AND HE IS FULL OF EXCUSES (and this runs in our family )

But he doesn't have a life. He doesn't have a social life. He doesn't have friends anymore, he got no job, he doesn't attend school because he failed his exams and he is not so willing to get back to school  again. He is almost in his 30s and doesn't give a shit about his situation ! And this is driving me mad! His life is basically going through his fingers.
I care so much about him, I am trying to convince him, saying "try to send CV here and here", but that is not a job which would suit him because he must've been working 8 hours per day and not getting thousands of euros... 

My father loves him, he got four daughters and just this one son. So sometimes, when my father conquers his room and wakes him up (because my bro loves to play a lot - pc games - and sleeps during the day, how "awesome" is that) and persuades him to get up and help him, after long four hours, my brother comes to my dad and apologies and they are good again and they chop wood or something "manly" together. 

And my father forgets everything, because he is just fine when someone is nice to him. Which I can't stand. Because they are not asking him for rent or anything either, which would probably cause that he would be forced to move his ass and work. 

And this is getting on like forever. So his girlfriend doesn't care if he has some money or  future plans, he doesn't want to get married or settle either. He dreams of being a stunt (like our father was) but he never really worked for it or convinced someone that he is a fit for this job. He got a gig like 3 years ago and he was asleep and always late and my father's old co-workers just couldn't stand him.  He never truly wanted to be a stunt man but he wants it because he is lazy, wants to earn thousand of euros in a couple of months and probably to be famous and our father has connections. But he doesn't have it in him. 
He is very talented in many other ways and very intelligent too, but he is the laziest person alive and also a procrastinator professional which is very sad. 
He is unemployed his whole life and he is almost 30 years old. He just plays video games or meets with his GF and that's it. That is the one third of his life like. 

Please, if you have or had a family member like this in your family, help me. How to get a person like this to make things happen, to get a job, to change his life? Is there anything? :( 

Please comment bellow. 

Have a nice day, 

xoxo <3

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