It Is All About Getting Better! 2014 Here I Come!

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I gotta tell ya. This year will be tricky one. I finally found some special energy in me, I found what I want to become and how to enjoy the life, finally, to the fullest.. 

Ironically, I started this blog with the first post about New Year's Resolutions. And I have to admit I did not fulfill any of them.. :( 

So, this year is NOW OR NEVER. No, I'm not going to cut my hair off if I do not succeed, or to punish myself for skipping some things. I just want everything to mix up in my life, so that it will become a natural part of my everyday life. 
For instance, I want to be more active. Not like drinking and partying all day, err day. I just want to go roller-blading, ice-skating or biking instead of sitting in a pub drinking without a purpose. I want to host more tea parties and movie nights instead of sitting in someone's living room listening to all that crap! 

So here is my list. It is very similar to the system, which is in my favorite book (and only book I read in the year 2013..:/ ) PROJECT OF HAPPINESS by Gretchen Rubin.  She wrote about specific goals she would like to achieve in each month. But me, instead of setting goals in a month, I just want to apply them as many as I could in everyday of every month this year :) 
Be more realistic.. 

Here we go : 

  • Try to organize more active hang outs - biking, roller blading, walking in the park, swimming
  • Visit new places -  try new cafes, visit someones's house where you have never been before
  • Use your planner (FILOFAX) more often! Be more organized! Follow your daily TO DO list and check all tasks in that day! 
  • Try everyday to do something with this blog :) New post, new feature, learn something new EVERYDAY about blogging! 
  • Do not forget to behave! Think before your are going to say something out loud! ( Especially when I am talking to my boyfriend or family members!) Be silent when you are supposed to, stop teasing people around when they are uncomfortable around you and always think through what are you going to give away from your big mouth! 
  • Bond and reunite more with your friends !! organize more social events, be that one who is asking how everybody is ! :) 
  • Earn money ! Do not spend them on everything you need. Do not spend them on food!! Use them wisely!
  • Try to cook more often. Learn to cook and learn to bake new things! Yay
  • Learn new DIY projects. Try  every month a new DIY:) 
  •  Start your YOUTUBE "career" :) Try to make new video at least once in a month. 
  • Make healthy choices! Do not eat so much. When you feel hungry, find a healthy substitute or drink water!
  • Start attending box lessons :)
  • Care more about yourself! Pamper yourself! Have a good shower or bath, put on some lotion everyday.
  • Make yourself pretty! :) Play with make-up and  nail polishes more and LEARN SOME NEW TRICKS WITH HAIR
  • Change your wardrobe. It's over for "grandma style"!
  • Learn to create things in Photoshop! 
  • Print out your pictures, get frames and make albums! 
  • Focus on school, get the bachelor degree! (in 6 months! )
  • Find new job, which will make you happy!
  • Be more cheerful. Do not concentrate on drama when there is none! Do not bear other's burden, just live your life without extra useless worries! 
  • Listen to your instincts!
  • Show your love to your parents and boyfriend EVERYDAY!!!!!!!! 
  • Draw something new at least once in a week!
  • Buy collections "for dummies" ale learn new things, don't be stupid! 
  • Always get better, and always work on your strong will
  • Get a new tattoo (not a priority, but it would make me happy :) ) 
  • Decor your room finally!
Thanks to my BF, I realized that the quote "Believe in your dreams and they come true" is a big bullshit because I've been believing in all things written above for some years, and let me tell ya, none of them happened. And guess why? Because I just sat there on my chair and watched youtube videos instead of making one! I could had been on their places but instead I was just watching their great lives! So... EARN IT THIS YEAR! 
Maybe I will add to this list something new overtime. :) But this should be it. 
Let be inspired by my list and let me know what you are up to in this beautiful year of 2014! 

xoxo <3 

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