Sunny Sunday!

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I love spring! It's my favorite time of the year. Everything is green, bees are everywhere, birds are singing their spring songs, people strolling in woods.. You can wear long pants, but can wear a shirt or a tank top. You can sit on a log of wood by fire enjoying the time with your friends. I'd be so happy if the spring time could last the whole year.
My friends. boyfriend and I've decided to head to the woods here in our city, and enjoy some Sunday sunny spring time :)

It took a while till we found the right spot, but at least we got a decent Sunday stroll. The fresh air, the view and the sound of birds were amazing. 

Majko creating a fire place

We didn't want to create a new "fireplace", but on every meadow all the fire spots were taken. So Noro found a very nice place and we've decided to create new fire place. At firs, we gathered some stones and found some wood and Majko took care of the secure part of the fire spot. 

Mr.Noro with his veggies 

Boys bought some chicken wings & pork and sausages to roast on the fire. 

fire is ready

Vico is preparing his stick

Boys taking care of the wood business 

Vico is ready to roast his wiener

All boys together :)This is the spot we created. It looks "certificated" right? :P

My leg and a slice of bread I roasted

just chillin

Yes, I was there too, obviously :P

getting ready

My favorite picture. two best buddies <3

great sunday! 
And the sun went down and we were chilling..:) 

It was an amazing experience. We were grilling a lot in the past years, but we weren't chilling like this together, ever. So, I hope it will happen again in the near future because it was awesome. 

Hope you like it, pictures were taken on my iPhone 4S, again... well, I don't have a special, high-tech camera, but maybe someday. 

Have a wonderful sunny day, wherever you are.

Live, love & laugh. 

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