The First Grill Session in 2014

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Ohhh yeah!

Finally! The sunny spring day came, and I could't be more happy.  We were all waiting for this day to come because we love to meet on my boyfriend's garden to grill, talk about things, play some games and laugh together!

So here are some my favorite moments of this first grill session. It's an opening grill session for the 2014 grill season. I'm looking forward to all those grill weekends ahead and don't worry, I'll keep you updated :)

I wanted to share some personal pictures with you guys, I don't have very visual blog which is bad because the good blog is all about great HD pictures. These were all taken on my iPhone 4S, but I'd love to have a real camera one day! 

I know it's been a while since I've posted a blog, but my current job it's all about social media, so, at the end of the day I'm quite exhausted to post or do anything with social sites, haha.

It was really a great beginning for this year's season (talking about it like it it's NFL or something :D) and I hope there will be many more weekends like this to come! :) I love them all so much and I'm really grateful to have them in my life! (Thanks Pilčo for introducing them to me :P)

Let's heat up this thing! 

The smell of the heating grill and fire..and my sweetheart! 

Talking about life and food.

One of the final products. yummy!

I think that socializing is pretty important :) and it's a lot more fun if you share these moments with somebody! 

Another special couple! wishing them a lot of love and understanding :)

<3 Have a wonderful day, 

live, love & laugh!

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