Be Healthy!

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Maybe you are the person like me - when  you're feeling okay, you don't think what is like to be lacking health...

And maybe even if you're healthy you think that that's the most valuable "thing" in your life. More than money, love and everything. 

Hold on that thought! Be healthy and cherish everyday when you are healthy.  When nothing bothers your body, you are a free person! You can do everything, doing sports, traveling without thinking about your health condition. 

Remember one thing! One day you are healthy and another you may be not! Therefore, live healthy lifestyle. Not just to lose some weight, but because is really necessary to keep you in the best condition. Stop taking sugar in your coffee, exercise at least 2-3 per week, eat less bread, drink at least 2 L water a day. Take shower everyday, wash your hands after toilette, don't share a towel with anybody, don't let anybody drink from your bottle.

These little things help you to stay healthy and in very good condition, so you can live longer and enjoy your life to the fullest!

Do not wait for tomorrow to stop eating sweets or do a few jumping jacks. Start today! And in a week you'll be happy that you did!

:) good luck

LIVE, love & laugh

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