Daily Happiness!

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It's been a while since I've posted Daily Happiness! kind of post! This was my happiness from the weekend. 

I'm obsessed with NESCAFE Dolce Gusto coffee machine! And my boyfriend too :) I've made him his favorite espresso and gave him my sweet treat from our Gastro Fest which we had during the weekend, here in Slovakia, Bratislava. It's called Trdelnik, it's traditional and this one is covered with cinnamon. For better looking I gave there fresh strawberries. I really like this set. :) And my boyfriend was happy, too. That's his hand over there, haha. 

If you wonder, why is there only a half of the plate, I cut also his right hand (like in the picture, duuh, not his actual hand) because it didn't look very good. 

I wish you a beautiful day, and go out and buy some coffee and your favorite dessert! 

Espresso Dallmayr Promodo & Trdelnik with strawberries

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Live, Love & Laugh!

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