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I've always wanted to be like one of those girls who constantly put the "mirror pics" of their outfits on Instagram or Facebook, but I didn't have a good outfit (more like grandma style, you know) or I was shy because of my fat legs :D

So, I finally decided I'm good to go and share my outfit of the day!

In this case I'm wearing my new sneakers - Nike Airmax, the space leggings are from Tally Weijl, the tank top with a tiger is from ... I can't remember :D (see? I'm terrible at OOTD :D) and the leather jacket is from Stradivarius. :) I just washed my hair so I let it like this :D Such a beauty guru.. NOT! 
I could also adjust the mirror in different way, not pointing on my mess in my room haha. Whatevz! 
Comment if you like my outfit,more to come. :) 

Live, Love & Laugh

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