My Eyelash Extensions Experience

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I've been thinking a lot about getting permanent fake eyelashes. I've been instragraming and searching via other blogs to find, if it would suit me, how to take care of it, and so on.

I worked as a receptionist with a bunch of beautiful girls which experienced this kind of eyelashes and they weren't satisfied with the results. I heard that I'll lose many of them in a week, how it will look like a broom after a few days, how it's hard to take down or fix them, that it costs so much every month to repair and add new lashes. Then I googled some salons in my city and there were forums and women were like "don't ever get them here and here, I got red swollen eyes" etc. So.. I didn't want them anymore. But then..

Then, one day, I met my old classmate, back from the elementary school. She got this beautiful long, very real-looking eyelashes. I'd decided I had to have pair of those! She gave me number to a girl which is really good and she does this kind of eyelashes as a freelancer.  I made an appointment, met with her and lied there for about 3,5 hours because I got complications with the sticky thing which holds your lower lashes apart. 

The application usually takes from 1.5 hour to 3 hours, it depends on many factors, such as if anything hurts you or if you want a volume etc. 
Then I opened my eyes and she was like " Wow Vanda, you don't even have red eyes!" And she said it's common that the eye is very sensitive to the glue exhalations and that almost every woman has red eyes. So I was happy because I was so worried about getting my eyes sore or red.
Me Before & After...Yes, I needed it,haha

It's like a miracle, once you have the eyelash extensions done. It looks so real (if it's done properly) and.. I really needed it, as you can see. My eyelashes are really short and like an asian type (short, roof shaped) when I don't use mascara or something it looks like I'm a boy haha. 
with the eyelash extensions on

I miss it!
I got many many compliments, some people thought they are my real ones,haha.
Some people want her contact to make an appointment. It cost me 40 euros for the new ones and then every month to repair the damage - 20 euros. I think this is a reasonable price and it's worthy.  But be aware, the less you are supposed to pay for it, the worst it will be! Mark my words!

It also saves time a lot! To create a look which I wasn't not ashamed of, took me - before I got the extensions - about 30 minutes. 
With the extensions, I just applied concealer (during the summertime I didn't have to) or a little bit of blush and I was good to go :) So useful and great! Also if I was about to go to the lake for a swim or something, I was already looking amazing :) #timesaver

I went through the procedure about 5 times (=5 months) Then I have a half a year a little break from extensions because of the financial reasons, obviously. I was glad that after our trip to Paris I was able to pay for my phone, can't imagine to pay for something like extensions every month! 
I had a break, and then I got my scholarship money from my university for "poor students" and the first thing  I did, was that I made and appointment for the eyelash extensions! :) It was such a long time and I was so happy to be beautiful again. 

It was this January when I started it again. Everything went good and I was good-looking for 24 hours again. Then in February, I got really red eyes after the procedure (the conjunctiva area). I bought eye drops and after a few days it disappeared. I thought it was a one-time thing. But the next month - March, it got worse! At first, I thought it was maybe because she changed the brand of the glue or something, but she denied it. 
The morning after

It got really really bad as you can see. The picture was taken the morning after, when I woke up like this with an itchy feeling, big swollen red eyes which really hurt me. I contacted the girl and she encouraged me to buy eye drops and then if it wouldn't go away in a couple of days, she would had to take them down. 

Fortunately, it went away after 3 days, full of eye drops and pain. 
But since then, I have my eyes red more often, right after I apply mascara or eyeliner, or an eye-makeup remover. 
Probably some allergy to the glue evolved throughout the year, but after such a long break? (6 months). 

I've heard it may be caused by the application of lashes, like if it's applied closer to the roots of my normal lashes the glue exhalations get to my eyes more often and quickly. But, I'll probably won't get them again, because this situation happened 2 months one after another. So it's probably the sign. 
At the beginning I was a "rare type" who doesn't get her eyes red after applying, but today I have over-sensitive eyes... :( 

So if  you're about to get those, try it.:) It's the best to learn on yourself. Every body is different and perceives everything in a different way! 
I just tried it and it worked (at least at the beginning). But it doesn't mean it won't work for you :) But be careful. Rather invest more money because it's your body, your eyes! And let me tell you, they are pretty important! 

So now I'm without them, waking up earlier to get ready or to walk around with my boyish look,haha. 
That's my story. Share yours! :)

P.S: If you have any tips for eye make-up or an eyeliner or a mascara for sensitive eyes, please let me know! 

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