New Year Revolutions

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It's such a cliché to make resolutions every year.. Sometimes I have a feeling that no matter how many resolutions you'll write down, you'll never achieve all of them. 
But, the new year which resembles the new beginnings, it's the best time for thinking about your life. To think about you. Are you thinking about your life enough? 

I have a feeling that sometimes I take my life for granted. Like, when I play SIMS 4 all day long, or reading a book. When I procrastinate or postpone meeting to another time because I have a lazy day and want to run around all day in my PJs. Then when I'm sick (like right now) I just rethink my chances, choices and got a really bad feeling about how much time do I have? Can I spend hours and hours playing playstation? Am I that person? 

My boyfriend likes to say that people should read books when they are older or retired and they lived enough. I always disagree, books tend to give you a new point of view on life or social problems (or any problems really). But should we spend our precious time reading about (un)successful stories and lives of other (fictional) people? Or watching them on TV? Or playing with them via games? Is it meaningful? 

According to Christian calendar (there are many of them) it's year 2015 and the 1st Jan is the first day of the year(wow). On this day, many people tend to set goals which they want to achieve throughout that particular year, but my point is - shouldn't we set goals everyday to remind how short and precious life we live? For instance, many people just decide that their goals is to lose weight. And then they expect it will just magically happen, just because they said it. But what about setting goals every day? Imagine this - you wake up, and while fetching the breakfast you just think "today I want to do this and this". Like a little to do list/resolution. I think it's even more fun when you have less time for the result. 

We should appreciate our life more because it's just the one-time opportunity we have. Stop living it through someone else, through gossips, through news and TV shows. Let be this year full of New Year Revolutions instead of resolutions! Be more egoistic! Put yourself first. Yes, relationships are about compromises and blahablah, but don't forget you are the most important part in your life. It may sound crazy, but you should think about you more, no matter which religion you believe or what are traditions in your families, you should always put yourself first! Because at the end of the day it's all about you and your feelings and if you're feeling happy and satisfied living your life. And that's what matter the most. Not setting imaginary goals you'll forget the day after, but to set a main goal - let this year be all about you. 

Hope you enjoyed your holidays, I'm so thrilled to be back and writing this post. I didn't post anything for about last 7 months and people visit this blog daily! :) 

Happy New Year <3 

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