How To Remove Gel Nails At Home!

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You know it, ladies.. You see some great nail design on Pinterest or Instagram and you want it too. The same happened to me. So I got my BFF and we went to see a nail designer to get our nails done for the first time. Yes, the first! 

We've been thinking about getting them for some time, so we've decided that the time is now! 
It was all very exciting, we couldn't pick a color, we couldn't decide on this and that. And then - we got the prettiest nails ever! I've never been so proud of my nails :) I've decided for dark pink-ish, but somehow I got them red..nevermind! And my friend, Petra, decided to go with beige colour. For the ring fingers we decided to go with gold-ish sparkles. And we really wanted the almond shape, so we got it. Yaay! 

They were perfect! We couldn't be more happier with our nails. But as it goes with gel nails, they will grow with time and it gets uglier and uglier. So I made them shorter a little bit, so they would look less messy and not so long. I was very happy with the result. 

This length was even better than the original length of the gels. I really liked it this way, but it lasted only for one week and then my own nails started showing up more and more. So I decided I don't want gels anymore (what a stupid idea..) and I cut it really short. 

Ugly, right? First of all, I really can't use nail file.... That's very obvious. And as you can see, it's not looking really appealing, having my nails like this. So, I searched the Internet and Pinterest and everything, to see whether is there any way to remove gel nails at home. Since I'm on budget (and I bet many of you too, otherwise you won't be reading this, haha), I've decided to try it at home, but since I don't have Acetone at my disposal, I found the better way. With the dental floss. I found this blogger and she had the same intention and she wrote that this is a great way to get rid of your older gels. And guess what? I found older dental floss in my stuff! 

The main step is to have a gel nail which has a open edge and to slid the strand of a dental floss beneath it  and pull it gently back and forth and suddenly the magic happens! For me, it all began with the golden ones, so I didn't catch it on camera, but you'll get the idea. 

So, slid the strand gently under the open edge. If you don't have an open edge yet, but you want to try it, try to push on the tip of your gel with another finger and push it a little bit down and maybe the edge will open eventually, I did it the same way with my other fingers.

And then pull back and forth.. In my case I didn't manage to slid the floss under the whole gel, so it will be a little bit incomplete.

POP! And that's it.. Don't worry about the feeling that your own nail is going down too, it's due to the glue on your own nails. Don't worry about the quality of your own nails either, if you do, then you shouldn't have got the gels in the first place. :) It will heal eventually and it just looks bad on the first sight. The white stripes are the leftovers of the glue.

As I wrote I didn't manage to slid it under the whole nail,  that's why is there some gel left, but with the nail file or fingers you can get the rest out easily.

I used a nail file to level the original nail and then I used my Eveline Intensive Nail Condiotiner, which I got from my friends, and I highly recommend it. It's not very expensive either.

And voilá! It doesn't look so damaged as I initially thought. What do you think? :)

And that's it. Easy as that. But, remember! If you're not able to open the edge of the nail, even by pushing the tip of the gel, leave it. The nail is not ready and it will be funny to have one finger without the gel and one with it.. Rather go to the professional to get new ones, or buy some Acetone and cotton and try it the different way. :) 

My nails have been always in a terrible condition and right now I'm thinking about getting gels again. It's so addictive, time saving and pretty! 
What design should I get (or color) Any ideas? Also, let me know, how did it go with your dental floss removal. 

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