How To: Fluffy American Pancakes Recipe

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 I loved them since I saw the movie Matilda,  and always wanted to make them at home.  It's not traditional breakfast menu here in my country, and you can find it only at some american bistros around town. Sometimes my mum makes them, but in an another "traditional" Slovak way.

I'm not a mage in the kitchen and I don't cook that much (prefer baking), but I just had to make myself some good american pancakes!

As you can guess, I've decided to make them in an american way. I found the best and easy recipe and tried it and they turned out amazing after the first try! Who doesn't want it, right? That's why I want to share this recipe with you :) It's pretty easy.

Since I live in the central Europe, we have different metric charts here. But I googled some American for you as well (many of you readers come here from US and also it's about amerinca pancakes, duuh).
For around 12 - 15 pancakes ( yes, it's too much, but you can divided everything by 2 or 3 to have smaller portions) you'll need:

  •  3 eggs
  • 0, 6 dcl of milk / 20 fl oz of milk (classic cow's, but if you prefer any other, you can try it with that as well, but I do not guarantee that they will turn out well)
  • 600 grams of soft flour / 4 cups 
  • 170 grams of either granulated or caster sugar / 3/4 cup ( I used granulated and it was delish, so don't worry)
  • 1 pack of baking powder (we use to have them in a small package, as you can see on the picture)
Everything in Slovak. Bought at LIDL
These are all the ingredients you need. 
Now you just put all the milk and eggs in one bowl and start mixing them. I prefer to mix wet ingredients first and then when it's stirred I add flour, sugar and baking powder (dry ingredients) to that bowl and mix everything together. Voilá! You now have your pancake dough ready. 
Put it away for about 30 minutes and then you are good to go. Heat a smaller pan, butter it up, put dough on, keep always on medium heat. One pancake will take approximately around 2-3 minutes for you to make. So be patient :) It's worthy.

Stirring "wet ingredients"

The result!

Now you know how to make fluffiest, delicious american pancakes in my way. I've tried this recipe several times and they always ended up great and tasty. 

As a topping I use a little bit of butter, maple syrup and my boyfriend came up with adding a little bit of home-made jam to it and it was amazing. You can eat it also with some chocolate and so on. We added some blueberries. 

So that's it. Let me know if you tried them according to my recipe or what is your favourite recipe! :)

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