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Let´s be honest. I´m not a professional hairdresser or a beauty guru/youtube beauty vlogger. I am not so fond of my hair as my other friends, who hate to get cut more than an inch, otherwise they are going to cry. So, if you are feeling it similarly as me, then you can try this DIY Rosegold ombré thing.

I´ve pinterested it over and over and got really obsessed and eager to try this amazing trend. Recently I went through a "let´s get red hair ombre" phase which drove me to a hair saloon where they asked me for 150 EUROS. For bleaching and dying my hair red! That´s insane! (I know, I know they have to live from it)

So, after  some longer  thorough thinking and pinteresting (pinterest is life!) I´ve decided it´s time for a change. I´ve done this ombré thing 3 years ago, also done as DIY. People really liked it on me and asked me where I got it done. That was flattering, considering it was my first attempt to do anything with DYE on my hair :)

Aaaanyway, back to the story where I stumbled upon this amazing DIY video by Justin Crawford, so all the credits are going to her! I watched that video approx. 10 times and searched through the whole world of the world wide web to find if it´s possible to get that bleach and that specific purple color in my country..and guess what? It is not possible. So.. this whole Vanda´s version of Rose Gold Hair DIY is inspired by Justin´s but it was a pure improvisation.

I went to my local drugstore - in Slovakia we have about two different ones, but I really go only to one - DM Drogerie and bought two boxes. One box contained the bleaching platinum colour from L´ORÉAL (1) and PURPLE PUNK COLOUR "LIVE" from Schwarzkopf (2). For "developing" your purple colour, you´ll need any white conditioner (2A), I went with Pantene, and you will need some non-metal bowl and a brush for mixing purple colour with the conditioner/balsam (2B)

Other than that you will need some old t-shirt (it´s best to steal it from your boyfriend), a comb,  and you will need some old towel in case you are not so handy as me and the color goes everywhere and som hair clips, so you can part your hair :) 

Here is some before-the-action photo, I have dark brown hair, almost like chestnut, little bit caramely in the sun. I´ve never dyed my whole head, and done ombre 3 times in the past. So I have pretty much "virgin" hair when it comes to it. Here is another photo of my hair before. 

Well, the steps of rose gold ombre are easy:

1. Comb your hair 

2. Part your hair

3. Put an old towel around your neck

4. Start applying the peroxide/bleach on your ends - REMEMBER TO HAVE DRY HAIR, NOT WET! The most of the product goes at the end and slightly above 

5. Leave for approx. 30 minutes, not more than 45 minutes, if you don´t know exactly, check the lenght on the box of the product. 

6. Rinse with water 

Now - don´t be scared if your hair turned out orange - it´s good for the final rosegold effect. 

7. Don´t blow dry your hair yet, while admiring your suddenly yellow hair, let´s prepare the purple color

8. Pour conditioner to the bowl and squeeze a bit of the purple color into it, then mix it together. Not a lot of the purple color though, because you want just an accent of that purple for that rosegold effect

By the way, sorry for the quality of pictures, but I was doing it during the evening hours.. 
So, you have to mix it until you get the magenta colour. Don´t be afraid it won´t look on your hair like that. 

9. Apply it with your brush on your bleached wet hair (wet hair was in my instructions whihc came with the color, but you can also apply it on dry hair)

10. Wait around 30 minutes and then wash it off

11. Rinse with water and dry if you want to see the results. As I said, I did it at night and got scared to see my really orange hair in the night

So it was a real suprise until the morning hours BEFORE WORK, haha. But I think I overdone myself this time,  and it really looks rosegoldy in the sun. What do you think?

Let me know what you think and if you tried it at home how it turned out in the comments :)

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